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Realtime colleteral deposit
     SCB Easy Stock provides customer to transfer fund for collateral deposit instantly from SCB Easy net at to your trading account.
     Menu are as followed :
         Collateral Deposit
         Pending / Cancel
         Transfer History

How to transfer fund for realtime collateral deposit.

Case 1: Existing customers who have both SCB Easy Net and online trading account with SCBS Online. Please follow the instruction below;

Step1. Login to "SCB Easy Net", Click main menu "Investment" and sub menu "Easy stock" as shown below

Step2. The system will display all trading accounts you have with SCB Securities Co., Ltd. Click "Collateral Deposit" as shown below

Step3. The system will display "Collateral deposit" menu as shown below

Step4. Please choose source account as shown below

Step5. Please select biller account (stock/derivatives) from drop down list.

Step6. Input your SCBS Online cash balance account or derivative account as shown below

Step7. Input amount of money for collateral deposit, and then click "Next" as shown below.

Step8. Review the information, click white box, to accept conditions, and then click "Confirm" to proceed or click "Back" to edit details.

Step9 : The system will display your transaction has been as shown below

Finally, Collaterla deposit will transfer to your trading account instantly, therefore no recorded transaction need to be sent to SCBS. Customers can check deposit amount at in "Portfolio" Menu or "Internet Trading program" such as Streaming etc. as shown below

Case transfer history : Historical collateral deposit can be checked in "Transfer History" menu as shown below

Case transfer pending : For transactions made out of service hours (08.30-16.30), the system will display the message "transactions completed will be posted on the next working days" as shown below

and transatction made out of service hours can be checked in "Pending/Cancel" menu

Case 2: SCB Easy Net customers who do not have an online trading account with SCBS Online

SCBS Open Account Channels
1. Open an Account via Easy Stock on SCB Easy Net
2. Open an Account via Thun-Jai Service at SCB branch
3. Open an Account via

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Any enquiry, please contact your Account Officer or E-Business department, SCB Securities; in business working days (Mon-Fri 8.30 am-5.30 pm.)